Electric Religious

by Electric Religious

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released November 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Electric Religious Edmonton, Alberta

Songs about losing…and about finding; songs about the golden past, the shimmering future, and the untangling of the knots in between. Songs about leaving, and being left; about drugs, dreams, desires; about building, bearing, and believing; about love, in all its baffling, complex simplicity. Songs about life and the living of it. Obscure but relative; accessible but profound. ... more

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Track Name: February Wind
Smoke me like the leaves from a pipe
breathe me into your lungs until you die
remember me like that album when you cried
consider me a treasure just to find.

I'm not so easy to fall asleep to
there is a bright light that I see too.
and i'd cross the city just to see you
and I won't stop until i reach you.

Until I reach you
until I reach you
until I reach you.

you say it with your body, you say it with love
and at night you give thanks to the stars above
you heal me like a crystal on my heart
dripping down to reconnect with the earth

I'm not saying that i won't be happy
to see your smiling face again with your family
so many stories that won't mean nothing
you had to be there is the only thing I'll hear

you had to be there
you had to be there
the only thing i'll hear

the words that you wrote are a springtime preview,
the pictures in the book make me miss you
and our situation needs another read through
you caught me off guard but i needed you.

and i'll be smitten for you until I die,
i'm glad you left so i could reevaluate my life
there's wind that's blowing in my face
the same wind thats bringing you back to me

back to me
back to me
the same wind thats bringing you back to me.
Track Name: In The Fall
She left me in the fall, she left me in the fall
She left with a test, a test to prove my love.

Now she's wondering why I can't look her in the eyes anymore.
But how could I ever show her why I'd do anything at all.

She's been gone for months, but it seems like it's been years.
Oh, the things I'll say, the things I'll say to her when I see her.

And I'm not going to face the truth, until I know the truth,
Will I still love her?

I come crawling back, do you feel better because I sure don't feel better.

It's not that I'm ashamed, or have myself to blame for anything.
It's the grandeur and it's the mercy, that I feel inside and all around me.

These stone floors feel warm when you put your arms around me.
I still can't feel anything else, I still can't feel anything else.
Track Name: Lies
Tonight I'm going to get you from the station,
In my eyes you don't see contemplation,
and there's rumours around the streets
that I've been saved.

Tonight I'm going to lay down my weapons,
I've grown in the eyes of millions,
I've worked hard to gain your trust,
but they're still going to hang me for what I have done.

today people they don't show,
that they can get past what they know,
and see the world with modern eyes
so they understand all the lies

is there something about me that's different?
how can you tell if you cannot see it?
how does it feel to be left in the dark
alone with your thoughts?

what piece of the puzzle are you missing?
you've got the centre but you're rough around the edges
what did you fail to learn about love
when you were young?

the moment is vanishing quickly
you've got seconds to decide if you're living
to separate and to cut all the ties
so you understand all the lies

To me you're a magnent
and I desire to feel your pull
you've created this immense type of reverence
i'm just trying to be near it.

I am hopelessly passive
but i've got something special to give
blindly we walk as if we know
prosperity is not dollar driven

I'm going to go and get drunk
I though I was wise, but I was just in love.
looking for answers even though there was none
to speak of
Track Name: Unfortunate Bones
you got a crease down your face I never told you that I loved,
and those jeans that don't fit right but hide your unfortunate bones
you can sing all you want to the walls of your house
but sooner or later you have to get up and get out

tiny small steps i'm taking one at a time
just figuring out ways to try and save a dime
i got all sorts of plans we'll see how they pan
out but for the moment i'll just get a little action

baby i know that you're feeling kind of low these days
but there isn't nothing harder than stepping on your brain
take a deep breath now go enjoy the rain
wash away your sins, and wash away your pain

You say that you don't love him not even for a minute,
you thought it'd be the same but it turned out pretty different
and there are horns in the sky saying you don't got any time
to waste the days away with one person in your arms

come on feel the love you know it's not hard to show it
you feel like this getting easy but it's hard and you know it
but you can't believe what they're saying, in one ear and out the other
just waiting to be hurt by the head of your lover.

these silly games that we all play are starting to get boring
when there's nothing else to do but sit around and try to muster
up the courage to step out of the dark
and live apart knowing it was better for our hearts